I don't understand . . . !

I don’t understand.  I just don’t get why people get themselves into this position.  If you are on probation, don’t do drugs.  Wait a minute . . .  don’t do drugs period and you won’t get in trouble to begin with!  But, people who are addicted to drugs can’t help it.  Seriously.

That’s what Judge Donald Evans, co-creator of the Florida drug court model, used to say:  they’re addicts, that what they do.  So, I really SHOULD understand that she is doing all of this because she has a problem.  And, maybe she’s going to have more and more problems because of her drugs.  Who knows.  I think the answer is not in short little jail stints, but in long periods of serious, in-patient rehab.

We’ll see how this plays out.  If, and only if, she accepts her responsibility and faces this problem, will she begin to get help.  If she treats it like a game, she’ll lose.  All addicts lose in the end.  Maybe not loss of actual life itself, but loss of opportunities, family members, memories, and other personal things that just can’t be recovered.