“Operation Pandora’s Box” nets dozens of arrests

“Operation Pandora’s Box” nets dozens of arrests.

Apparently someone is in big trouble.  Some people are in big trouble.

The problem in cases like this comes in the form of how the Feds charge these cases, as a conspiracy, and with the Federal sentencing guidelines.

The conspiracy charge allows the government to go back as far as they have any proof of related criminal activity.  The guidelines permit the sentencing judge to estimate amounts of drugs moved and money collected.  These estimates can come from actual transactions where money and drugs were exchanged, then multiplied out over the course of the conspiracy.  Estimates of drug quantity can also come from the testimony of involvants and co-conspirators.

And the guidelines are harsh – very harsh for career criminals.

In short, all of these people are in a heap of trouble, and have a tough road ahead.