Zilia Vasquez for Circuit Judge

I am supporting Zilia Vasquez for Circuit Court Judge Group 4, a seat currently held by appointed Circuit Court Judge Liz Rice. I hope you will, too. Please go to
Zilia Vasquez for Judge to learn more.

Because of the importance of this position to our system of justice and to our respective clients, I ask you to learn about who Zilia Vasquez is and has been not only as a lawyer but as a wife, mother, and someone who has committed herself to the doctrine of fundamental fairness, respect and dignity for the law and for our system which we hold so sacred. Because of who she is and has been, you will know that she will treat lawyers and litigants with respect and dignity. You will know that she is not gratuitously mean-spirited. You will learn that she is not an elitist and that she is not so arrogant as to be devoid of humility and empathy. For these reasons, I am strongly endorsing her candidacy for the position of circuit judge in the race against Judge Rice.

Zilia graduated from Nova Law School and has been a member of the Florida bar since 1990. Since that time she has worked helping small businesses and individuals devastated by Hurricane Andrew in obtaining government loans. In that capacity she has conducted many real estate transactions. She moved to Tampa in 1993 and worked as an assistant public defender for Julie Holt. In that capacity she represented many of the disenfranchised within our community. She tried many bench and jury trials. Subsequently, she went into private practice where she has handled family law, immigration, criminal and dependency cases. Her wide variety of experience would be an asset to her as a judge.

Zilia is known as a smart, hard working lawyer with a great sense of humor and a wonderful demeanor. She is who she is, and predictably she will not change once she is placed in a position of trust and authority. People say about her what you see is what you get, and from what I’ve seen, that’s a good thing. Z ilia is married to Ken Vasquez, who is an officer for Homeland Security. They have two precious children, and Zilia is a great mom.

As you can see Zilia Vasquez is an asset to our community and profession. For these reasons I am supporting her and voting for her. I am asking for you to do the same and support her as a candidate in Circuit Judge Group 4.

I am asking that you email me back and we will make every effort for you to meet Zilia, that many of us call “Z,” get on board with her campaign and do whatever you can to help us get her elected. Your support and contribution will ensure that we put a dedicated, experienced and responsible lawyer on the bench who will not only run an efficient courtroom but who will also strive for justice and who will treat everyone who appears before her with dignity and respect.

I urge you to take a position if you agree with my message and not to be intimidated for whatever reason and please do not make a decision by indecision. It takes people to unite to ensure that the system doesn’t deteriorate by default.