Sleepwalking media?

For all of you Justin Cox supporters, I offer this:

The media did not report the excellent defense that he was given. The media did not report that there was expert testimony to support his testimony. And nothing was said about the victim’s testimony, so there was no ability to measure whether the crime was even committed or not (before even getting to the sleepwalking defense).

So, again, I offer my congratulations on a job well done. Mr. Cox should be thankful, as he owes you all – defense team and supporters – his life.

However, I will stick by my opinion that this is not a defense to be applied lightly! Only in cases like Justin’s will there be a chance of winning. Take a look at the cases I referenced in my original bLAWgger post on this case where there was no expert testimony, and the defendant got rung up.

I believe in fair and balanced media, and full disclosure. Thus, I have published the comments that called foul on the bLAWgger (although picking on my spell-checking is weak, Frank!). I appreciate the comments, and as I am new to the blogesphere, my lesson on trusting the media reports is WELL TAKEN.