Ex-teacher given max in sex case


Here is the final installment of the Ragusa fiasco (10 years prison + 15 years probation).   What a mess. 

I listened to the sentencing pronouncement on BayNews9 this morning.  I think that if Judge Tharpe could have given her more time, he would have.  His comments were elegant and very well thought out, but tingend with the anger of the community.  His main point was her arrogance at her own betrayal of the teaching profession.

If you want to check it out, click here: Ragusa Sentencing video.

Ex-teacher given max in sex case

Calif. agents use award ruse to reel in fugitives – KansasCity.com

How to catch parole jumpers? Promise them amnsety and $200. They’ll come to you in droves.

This is a phenomenal article.  It describes how easy it was to cash in on defendant’s strange mix of greed and fear.

The targets?  Defendants with violation of parole warrants.  The gimmick?  Coppers used a website, an e-mail account, and appointed an agent to the fictitious post of “amnesty program director.  They sent 2,700 letters to relatives of parolees-at-large advertising the reward and fake amnesty program.  The promise was that the people with warrants would get amnesty and $200 if they turned themselves in to authorities.

How dumb do you have to be to (1) jump parole in the first place, and (2) think that law enforcement is going to give you a break when you have violated the law.  It never ceases to amaze me that people think that they can do whatever they want and pay no consequences for it. 

Here is the link:  Calif. agents use award ruse to reel in fugitives – KansasCity.com.

Man loses license after drink-driving in toy Barbie car

Yes, you read it correctly.  It appears that some of the local DUI cops are now running stops in Europe.  This tops the DUI lawnmower cases I used to see in Pasco County.  Thanks to lawyer-radiogogue and former WFLA funnyman LIONEL for this one (he is NOT the one in the above photo).

Here’s the link (yes, the British spell things funny):  Man loses licence after drink-driving in toy Barbie car – Telegraph

You're pudding me on: its the great Jello caper!

These oldsters were buying jello pudding, keeping the mix and filling the box with sand, and returning the boxes for $1.40 per box refund. The cops apparently felt that arresting them was appropriate (really, guys?).

At least they’re not eating dogfood. Bill Cosby’s representative, Ol’ Weird Harold, had no comment.

The moral of this story: if you steal jello pudding, you’ll be arrested and given your just desserts.

Check the story at http://www.fox8.com/news/wjw-news-jello-arrest,0,7710208.story.