Joe on TV: MJ vs. Bubba “Love Sponge” trial: Lawyer allegations are serious

MJ vs. Bubba “Love Sponge” trial: Lawyer allegations are serious – WFLA: News, Weather, and Sports for Tampa Bay, FL.

JB WFLA Jan 2013

The Bubba trial, as glas as I am to see it resolved in favor of Bubba and the first amendment, is far from over.  There is now an investigation into whether the attorneys caused a mistrial.

This TV story is almost 2 weeks old, and a lot has transpired since then.  I know that the Bar is involved, and that another State Attorney’s Office will be inquiring (Mark Ober’s office cannot get into this, as there would likely be a conflict as he testified for the MJ team).

There are three real possibilites:

  1. Bar complaints and allegations of ethics violations
  2. Indirect criminal contempt charges
  3. Perjury charges

I know that whoever is looking at this is going to be thorough.  I just hope that the community will not see this a a black eye for all attorneys.