From .08 to .05? Party poopers!

NY Times is reporting here:

that the NTSB is recommending reducing the “legal limit” to .05.

Dear Fed: please go back to wiretapping AP reporters, and leave breath alcohol to the States.

Right now, Florida law says that some one whose breath alcohol is between .05 and .08 is not presumed impaired, nor presumed sober. In other words, you can’t rely on the BAC, but have to look at other evidence. That means that someone with at .05 could not be DUI.

If the NTSB gets it’s way, then currently LEGAL driving would become illegal. And that would totally bring down the party.

Round 2: MADD lobbyists v American Beverage Institute lobbyists. May the deepest pockets win. Meanwhile, I’m looking for new beachfront real estate to buy with all the .05 DUI money I stand to make.