There’s always a bigger fish

Not sure how I feel about this one: Bass Pro Shop is suing The Simple Life Outfitters over its logo. A circle with some random fish in it. Here’s the story:

Loves me some Bass Pro Shop, but this one ain’t right. Bass fishing is a Southern tradition, learned and passed on from generation to generation. It’s a true blue-collar sport, proudly practiced by real men and women who love the simple, American life. Hard-working folks, many of whom run their own businesses.

So that “big Bass” is trying to stomp out “little minnow” is just not fair, and very contrary to the ideals of Bass Pro’s customers.

First off, the logos aren’t even close. Bass Pro does not own the likeness of a bass. So that’s the first stinky part.

Secondly, and what’s worse, is that they are trying to close this guy down before they move to Hillsborough County. Not cool.

Anyway, I hope they’ll leave him alone. I’m going over to buy some of his stuff before its too late.