George Zimmerman gets new legal-defense fund

An article from the Boston Herald, “George Zimmerman gets new legal-defense fund.”

Seems that GZ has generated almsot $400,000 from anonymous or unrelated third-persons.  Wow.  That is truly staggering to think of . . . people who what to contribute to a cause that is (to say the least) controversial.

I’m curious as to why people would contribute to such a case.  This is not a ground-breaking legal issue (if it were, where was everyone last year on the constitutionality of the drug possession statute in Florida case?).  This is not a case where someone is clearly being “railroaded” to the shock and horror of the community.  This is an everyday, run-of-the-mill self-defense case.

You may be thinking, “no, he was not using self-defense and he murdered that young man!”  Maybe so – that’s what trials are for, so that 6 people can make that decision.

Anyway, I still can’t understand why anyone would care so much about this case that he or she would go online and make a donation to the defense fund.  I also can’t understand why this calls into questions the current state of Florida’s self-defense statute (that the media – not the legislature – has dubbed the “stand your ground” law . . . those words are no where in the statute!).

I think that now is the time to start a George Zimmerman page on my website.  First, to explain to everyone why this is not a white-black case, and that the system is not on trial.  Second, to try to understand why this has morphed into such a huge case.