Not how you want to run a law office

A story here about a shootout at a lawyer’s office.  One of the hit-men was shot . . . doesn’t say if the lawyer was the shooter or not!  Here’s the story:

Two agents of the Mississippi Attorney General’s office were meeting with a lawyer about an alleged murder plot against him on Saturday evening when two men allegedly hired to do the job burst into the law office.

In the gunfight that followed, one alleged hit man, Keaira Byrd, was killed and the other, Derrick Lacy, was wounded, the Greenwood Commonwealth reports in a story reprinted by the Jackson Clarion Ledger. An agent was also wounded, though the injuries weren’t life threatening. The lawyer, Lee Abraham of Greenwood, Miss., was not hurt.

On Sunday, police arrested 70-year-old oncologist Arnold Smith and 54-year-old brickmason William Paul Muller on charges of conspiracy to kill Abraham, the story says. Abraham represented Smith’s ex-wife in the couple’s divorce.