For Hillsborough jail inmates, a Thanksgiving feast — of sorts

Here is a SPT article for you, about the food at the jail this holiday week:  For Hillsborough jail inmates, a Thanksgiving feast — of sorts – St. Petersburg Times.

The article itself is mildly interesting – we all know what’s in a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, and we know folks want to be home at the holidays.  It’s simply a reminder that Thanksgiving combines two of America’s best-known traits:  gluttony and sentiment.

What will be interesting to watch are the reactions to the article.  Scroll down and check out the “Comments” below the Times’ article.

So many of you forget that people in jail are PRESUMED INNOCENT.  That’s not just lip service. That is the law.  We want that law – we want to have that protection for each and all of us.

I just hate it when all the “you-deserve-it-you-scumbag” comments come flying.  Those are the first people to hire an attorney and beg a judge for their release when they get arrested.

Maybe we should add another great American trait to the list above: hypocrisy.