Say NO to sensationalistic coverage of criminal cases

This is a great article by my friend Jami Floyd. I appeared on her CourtTV show many times, and respected her before this article. Now, so, even more.

The persistent focus on sensationalistic criminal cases with a fanatical victims’ rights advocate at the center of the coverage has proved too profitable a formula to allow for serious introspection. . .

I agree – and it has prevented the average person from truly understanding the importance of the unbiased function of the criminal
justice system.

As I have said many times, Nancy Grace is not doing the world any favor. She seems to convict without any regard for the criminal justice process, the presumption of innocence, and the like. Voicing an opinion is one thing, but to relentlessly bury someone night after night, well. . . that is overboard.

Covering a case and reporting facts in an unbiased manner is fine. Spinning facts and character assassination is wrong – especially on TV and from an attorney.

I urge you to read Jami’s article, and tune out Nancy Grace.