Defense attorney in deputy shooting asks client be kept in jail – St. Petersburg Times

Defense attorney in deputy shooting asks client be kept in jail – St. Petersburg Times.

OK, and it took a week and a half and multiple hearing dates for this to come to light?  I think it is abundantly clear that Buendia should be – at least for now – under guard and very carefully monitored.  He needs psychiatric care, that is for sure.

Perhaps getting with the judge in chambers and canceling the hearing would have prevented Buendia from being paraded in front of the cameras again.  Maybe that’s what the defense attorney wants, is for everyone to see how pitiful he is.

Here’s my problem with the situation – check out this photo from the hearing:

HCSO was out in force in the courtroom.  To the day I die, I will not understand why uniformed law enforcement have to come sit in courtrooms “to send the judge a message.”  The judge gets it – he has more experience in criminal law than all of them put together.  He’s not going to let this dangerous guy out.  You don’t have to worry about that.

But such a show of power is, to me, tyrannical.  You want to come to court for your friend, then fine – wear a suit and tie.  But do you want the community to know that your badge and gun give you some magic power to sit and essentially pressure a judge?  That’s what you’re doing, so be careful.  I bet the judge was not very happy to see the “pressure” trying to be put on him.

There’s a lot wrong with the country, but tyranny in any form will not be tolerated.  I believe that law enforcement should be very careful about stacking courtrooms with officers in uniform – it makes some of us very uncomfortable.