One thought on “Jeff Ashton to write Casey Anthony book”

  1. I believe Jeff Ashton and the suspect expert witnesses lost this case for the state of Florida. I don’t know how you can have an expert witness who is the ONLY man in the world that uses his tests – and when he exclaimed the level was wildly high and that is opposed by the prosecutions own FBI witness….There was a nurse on the jury who knows you have to be able to prove the results of a test…And Jeff Ashton’s constant objections and tantrums would have made me suspect that he was trying to keep information away from the jury. Once you start believing the prosecution is pulling a fast one because they have more trial experience they lose their credability.
    In addition, I think the prosecution was arrogant about their superior trial experience – which they had. I think they are both great attorneys. But the steam roller – pit bull approach came back to bite them.

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