Motion to dismiss drug case

Today, we’re gonna test the new Federal order declaring the Florida drug law unconstitutional… by filing a motion to dismiss in State court drug case.

As many of you know, last week a federal court judge declared Florida’s drug statute unconstitutional. What that means is that prosecutions under Florida statute 893.13 can no longer go forward.

Today, I will be filing a motion to dismiss – probably one of the first in Hillsborough county – in a cocaine delivery case. We will be filing them in all of our drug cases within days.

If you have a Tampa drug charge or New Port Richey drug charge pending, or have had one in the past, call us today for a consultation. 813-222-0032.

2 thoughts on “Motion to dismiss drug case”

  1. That is awesome!! Hopefully it works for the good and can make a huge difference in those who suffer from an unfair sentence due to drug charges in FL. Can’t wait to see the outcome!

    1. Joanna; i live in the Fl Keys, I am happy that you agree that this is unfair. I know that 40 cases were dismissed in Miami. On Sept 14, I believe there is going to be another some odd Motions (for Statute no. 893 cases) to be dismissed as well. I am praying that they will all be. I wonder what we can do instead of just waiting for the outcome. Make others aware somehow, It is really a harsh sentencing for someone who may even be quilty;

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