Isn’t there enough crime in Polk already, Sheriff Judd?

Here is an article about Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd making an arrest on an obscenity charge.  It describes how Sheriff Judd is crowing and beating his chest about the horrible book that prompted the arrest, the man behind the book claiming that it’s not pedophilia and he’s not a pedophile, and how the prosecution of the charge may run afoul of First Amendment rights.

Here’s what is buried in the story:  Sheriff Judd manufactured this crime.  The author lives in Colorado and has no apparent ties to Florida, much less Polk County.  The good sheriff had to have a detective write to the author, convince him to sell him a copy of the out-of-print book, and then got an arrest warrant once it was sent to Polk County.

Am I the only one that see’s what’s going on here?  Judd saw this story on national news, and decided that he was the one and only law man in the United States that was gonna get the bad guy, and concocted this plan to lure the author into an arrest.  Judd has no duty to protect the people of the United States and of Colorado  – especially on Polk County taxpayers’ dimes.

I have no problem with prosecuting those that deserve it.  I wince but concur that Americans have First Amendment rights (although many who exercise it have no common sense or decency).  I have a big problem with this case, because it affirms the fact that law enforcement officers can and will make crimes happen where they otherwise are not.

Ask the people of Polk County if they want this case to proceed in the courts, which, with a trial and all the pre-trial free-speech motions that are inevitable, could cost $100,000 or more.

Thanks, Sheriff Judd.  Why not stick to chasing meth labs and pot houses in your county?

Author: Joe Bodiford

Tallahassee criminal defense attorney. Florida Bar Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer, Nationally Board Certified in Criminal Trial Advocacy, and AV* rated by Martindale-Hubbell. Former adjunct professor of law and co-director of the Trial Team at Florida State University College of Law; former adjunct professor of law at Stetson University College of Law (Florida criminal procedure, Trial Advocacy). Curator of Advocacy Underground. Practicing in the area of State and Federal Criminal Trial and Appeals. Visit us at!