A brief look at the history of justice in Florida

A link to a neat brochure put out by the Florida Supreme Court.

As a sixth-generation Floridian, I am an admitted Florida history buff.  I love reading about the history of the people (mostly through genealogy), geography and locations, and the justice system.  Florida is truly a unique state.

Take a look at this Florida Supreme Court brochure, “The Evolution of Justice in Florida.”  It only takes a minute to read, and gives a glimpse of the growth and milestones of the FSSC.  There is a lot more about the history of Florida law as well as the history of the court at the Florida Supreme Court website.

If you like that, and want a peek at a darker, seedier side of the Court, pick up a copy of “A Most Disorderly Court.”  That’s all I’ll say about that!

Author: Joe Bodiford

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