My New Port Richey office opens August 1 – back to where it all began.

I am very excited that the New Port Richey (or NPR, as we like to call it) office will be open next week.  This is a fantastic opportunity for the people of Pasco County to have an energetic, experienced, Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer in their community.   It’s a great opportunity for me to provide my services to a booming area.

From where I live, I can hit a golf ball from my front porch into Pasco County.  I love the area and am looking forward to becoming a permanent part of the West Pasco legal community.

My career started in Pasco County (in NPR) in the 1990’s, as a Assistant State Attorney.  After a few years, the big city called, and I relocated to the Tampa prosecutor’s office.  In 1999, I opened my criminal defense practice and have not looked back.  My practice has been mainly in Tampa, where I learned the craft of being a “big-city” defense lawyer.  I was presented with many cases with tough facts, in State and Federal court.  I have been able to be involved in so many interesting trials, motions, hearings, depositions . . . the experience has been quite an adventure.  I find myself saying on a far-too-regular basis, “Just when I think I have seen it all  . . . ”  And I have, truly, seen it all.

Over the years I have had many, many cases in NPR and Dade City.  I have successfully defended attempted murder, burglary, and DUI cases at trial.  I have litigated and won tough motions for new trial, motions to suppress, and violation of probation hearings.  I have represented countless people in virtually every type of criminal case in Pasco County.  I had a satellite office here several years ago, and have had a “727” number for years.  It’s always been a big part of my practice.

I have seen Pasco grow and grow and GROW over the years.  When I was a young prosecutor, driving to work in the early morning, I could drive from my home in the North Hillsborough County area (where I still live, all these years later) to the NPR courthouse in the dark, and not hit “civilization” until way up on Little Road.  Now, I pass THREE STARBUCKS, two Targets, two or three Publix supermarkets, a hospital, and countless other big businesses – all in a 20 minute drive!  I am happy to have that growth in my backyard.

In opening this office in Pasco, it is my goal to provide the very best in aggressive and creative criminal defense to Pasco and Hernando counties.  This is where I will spend al lot of my time – this isn’t just a satellite office that sits vacant most of the time.  No, I’m going to be there meeting clients and going to court on a daily basis.

It is my commitment to the State of Florida and its people to be a great defense attorney.  I am a sixth generation Floridian, born in sleepy North Florida.  I think I am a combination of small-town boy and big-city lawyer.

Don’t worry, Tampa, I still have an office there – I will be there if you need me!

PS:  Thanks to an old mentor, Bob Attridge, for proofreading this for me.