Former assistant state attorney faces drug charges

Mechanics’ own cars break down.  Sometimes doctors get sick.  An architect’s home can have a defect.  And sometimes defense lawyers get in trouble.  The profession has nothing to do with the problem the professional is battling.  Rather than rejoicing in it, or kicking a man while he’s down and trying to take his profession with it, stop and think.

Aaron Slavin, a local criminal defense attorney, is in trouble.  No different that anyone else who may be in trouble with the law.  Do not think this is some revelation about the criminal defense profession, or lump all defense lawyers into some “scumbag” dragnet.  I have read what is on the local internet news comment pages.  Quite frankly, its despicable to revel in anyone’s misery.

The initial reports are bad.  He – and his wife, whom I’m sure he loves – are facing mandatory prison sentences.  His life will never be the same.  Is that a reason for the local internet wildlife to celebrate?  Certainly not.

Mr. Slavin has done a lot of good for a lot of people – on both sides of the courtroom.  Perhaps he had a problem – like many of his (and my) clients wrestle with every day.  Maybe he got in over his head – like so many of our fathers, sons, and brothers have.  Maybe, just maybe, he needs help.

It is a sad day for my profession.  Not because of Aaron’s actions (that’s just a sad day for him).  No, it’s a sad day because of the negativity that the community is spewing as a result of what Aaron did.  If he had any other job, he would not have been in the news.

So give the guy a break.  It’s all laugh-a-minute until you or your loved one is in Mr. Slavin’s spot.  I, for one, wish him well. 

Here’s the story:  Former assistant state attorney faces drug charges