Jordan Jordan a/k/a Breslaw runs for a Broward judgeship


This is interesting.  A guy who changed his given name to “Jordan Jordan” almost 20 years ago, and now is a chiropractor, wanted to be a judge – BUT UNDER HIS OLD NAME (“Breslaw”, which apparently is Jewish.  The sitting judge was wise and wiley enough to file for an injunction, prohibiting this chiro from using his given name as it is no longer his LEGAL name.  She was right, and he was booted off the bench.

We have all kinds of people running for governor and Senate.  Now we have people who (1) are weird/unhappy/whatever enough change their name, (2) think that being a chiropractor qualifies him to be a judge.

The moral of the story:  THINK CAREFULLY ABOUT YOUR JUDICIAL CANDIDATES.  The bLAWgger will have a Bay area judicial candidate comparison coming up soon – stay tuned.

Jordan Jordan a/k/a Breslaw runs for a Broward judgeship – South Florida