Casey Anthony gets money from the State

Casey AnthonyWell, not exactly.  She will have some of the costs of her defense paid for by the State.  Defendants may be declared indigent for the purposes of payment of due process costs while having a paid, private lawyer.  Here’s the rub:

Certain costs are common in criminal cases.  Process servers (for subpoenas), court reporters, investigators, experts, etc are necessary and have to be paid.  A defendant who may have a private attorney is just as entitled to those services as a defendant who has the Public Defender representing him or her.  However, the private-attorney defendant may not actually be paying the lawyer – someone else is paying the attorney’s fees for that defendant.  That defendant may be just as broke as the PD client.

So, the State provides for payment of costs (not fees) in those limited circumstances.  I beleive that to be fair.  Everyone should remember that those costs are capped at certain amounts for various services, and strictly monitored by the State.  If the attorney incurs a cost that the State refuses to pay, the the attorney is stuck holding the bill.

Casey Anthony’s case appears to be a hybrid of others paying the bills and money simply having run out.  If her attorneys want to work something out to be paid in a different manner at a later time, and continue to work on the case, then that is between them and the client.  However, they cannot work up a death penalty case without incurring massive costs.

And, if the State is wanting to execute Casey Anthony, then we as a society sould be prepared to provide her the best defense possible, so that if she is ultimately executed, we as a society have a collective clean conscience.  But that is a bLAWg for a different day . . .

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  1. But rarely do indigents get the “best defense” and certainly not the caliber of defense that Casey Anthony is receiving (Casey’s been lucky considering Baez being relatively newly admitted to the Fla Bar as he has done exceedingly well for her overall).

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