"Deadbeat dad scrambles to explain driving without a license" (LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE, sayeth the bLAWgger)

A slow news day in Tampa.

This is on the front page of www.tbo.com. Another story that no one gives a rat’s butt about. So the guy owes back child support. So he’s driving. So the ex-wife is sour grapes about who-knows-what. Big fat hairy deal. What else ya got? LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE, TBO!

Mark Douglas finds this story newsworthy? His editors think he’s on to something? And, it’s on the freakin’ front page??? Please.

NEWS FLASH: No one cares about this type of case. Why not investigate DCF as to why Richard McTear was allowed around a 17-year-old mother before grabbing her baby and running off with it (allegedly)? Why not investigate why the County Commission is cutting the Sheriff’s budget on a yearly basis, and for what? Why not hold public officials accountable for where our money goes, what decisions they make, and more salient social issues?

Mark, we are no so dumb that all you have to bring us is Springeresque stories. Or, what YOU think is Springeresque. Jerry Springer would laugh you out of the studio with this case. No one hit anyone with a chair, so you are missing the mark, kid.

No, no. . . . nothing important to report. Instead, Mark Douglas is going to chase around a guy who has to drive to make a living, who has ponied up $10K to the ex, and who spent 112 days in jail because HIS LICENSE WAS SUSPENDED FOR CHILD SUPPORT. That’s the only law he broke – driving with a suspended license. And. apparently, the current wife likes him and the ex is the only one . . . complaining (yeah, that’s the NICE word for it).

Scott Andringa is a fine attorney, and apparently, a gentleman. The bLAWgger would have given you some words that would have required blue ink. That means cussing, for those of you in Pinellas Park.

Is it a slow news day in Tampa, or what? Leave people alone, and bring us something newsworthy. Yes, I read your paper. I read it FOR FREE online, and do not have a subscription. So, please don’t start charging for Internet access – I won’t be able to call you out on your lousy stories.

Deadbeat dad scrambles to explain driving without a license

Author: Joe Bodiford

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