Give Vick (and everyone else) a chance!

Give a guy a break. Michael Vick is free, and ready to start over.

The way I see it, he is no different than any of my clients who do wrong, and pay their debt to society. He admitted his guilt, and paid his price. It should be over!

I see people commit violent crimes, such as aggravated battery (which means using a deadly weapon, causing serious injury, or hitting a pregnant woman). I see people threaten others with guns and knives. I see oodles of domestic violence cases.

Those are crimes against HUMAN BEINGS.

Was Vick’s prosecution a response to public outcry and lack of perspective? I certainly think so, but that is water under the bridge. He accepted his sentence and served it without a hitch. And, now he should be welcomed back into society like any other ex-con.

The measure of the man will be what he does with his second chance. That’s the measure of anyone in his situation. If he avails himself of it, then he has been rehabilitated, and case closed. Time will tell. Until then, leave him alone. And give everyone who has paid their debit to society a fair chance.