Beware of lawyers who claim to be "Tampa" lawyers

I’ve noticed lately that there are criminal defense attorneys from Miami and Orlando who claim to be “Tampa defense attorneys.” One guy from Miami even claims to be “Tampa’s premiere” criminal defense firm. I say (borrowing from texting parlance): WTF? LOL! LMAO!

Translation: give me a break. Don’t lie to people.

The Internet can make an criminal defense attorney seem bigger, more intelligent, more experienced, and generally better than they are in reality. That’s true of any profession (and Internet dating sites, too – I’d love to see how these guys describe themselves on eHarmony!) . These lawyers forgot that there is such a thing as truth in advertising.

Most of these firms are using the same website designer, who has made these fancy, flashy sites. They’re all pretty much the same. Lots of generic content (they probaby don’t realize that the web designer has given them all the same content!), and not much as far as experience.

I worked as a prosecutor in both Tampa (13th Circuit) and New Port Richey/Clearwater (6th Circuit). I have been handling nothing but criminal cases in Tampa and the Bay area for 10 years. I have tried over a hundred jury trials in Tampa alone. I was the president of the Hillsborough County Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers last year. Maybe I should say I’m Tampa’s premiere criminal defense attorney!

But, you see, while I will hold my credentials and experiece up against anyone’s, I have too much respect for (1) the criminal defense attorneys that I have learned from and whom I know to have tons of experience and are phenominal lawyers, and (2) potential clients who need full disclosure about my background. Those folks have a life-altering emergency and need to know who can help them the best in a particular situation.

So, all you out-of-towners, slow down and back it up. Don’t hold yourself out to be something you’re not. Don’t hide behind your snazzy Internet propaganda. Have a little respect for others – especially people charged with crimes IN TAMPA. You’re in this business to help clients, not say whatever you can – true or not – to dupe people into hiring you to line your pockets.

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