Why don't we ask Barak Obama which Supreme Court cases he doesn't agree with (Part I)?

If it is not resoundingly clear by now, the republican vice-presidential canditate is out of her league. She’s probably smart enough to learn the answers to a lot of questions, and capable of absorbing concepts and ideas. But, it is obvious that she is just out of her league at this point in time. She could not point to any Supreme Court cases she disagreed with when asked by Katie Couric . . . none. And if she were to assume the presidency in the next four years (no offense, John, and not wishing you any early demise), she would be in a position to appoint at least three justices. Freakin’ scary.

So, why not ask the same question to Mr. Obama, a Harvard educated, law professor, and . . . wait for it . . . black man. I bet he would have some seriously fantastic analysis of the Supreme Court and its decisions. So, the bLAWgger will be hard at work trying to play presidential candidate, and pretend to be as half as smart as Senator Obama, and will attempt to answer the question as he might, given his background and education.

If any of you have any input, e-mail the bLAWgger at joe@bodifordlaw.com. I would be honored if Mr. O would chime in himself!

Meanwhile, be sure to register to vote. Think about it: wouldn’t we be better off having that Harvard educated law professor picking our next several Supreme Court justices? Resoundingly, YES!

Author: Joe Bodiford

Tallahassee criminal defense attorney. Florida Bar Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer, Nationally Board Certified in Criminal Trial Advocacy, and AV* rated by Martindale-Hubbell. Former adjunct professor of law and co-director of the Trial Team at Florida State University College of Law; former adjunct professor of law at Stetson University College of Law (Florida criminal procedure, Trial Advocacy). Curator of Advocacy Underground. Practicing in the area of State and Federal Criminal Trial and Appeals. Visit us at www.BodifordLaw.com!

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