Being a criminal defense attorney.

For those of you reading this, thanks. Thanks letting me help you understanding who I am.

I am a criminal defense attorney. Trials and appeals. My job is different at different times, requiring me to apply my skills in different ways for different people in vastly different situations.

Some clients come to me before they are charged or arrested. some come after they have been convicted and sentenced. I have to figure out how to help.

I work at odd times, but all the time. I work early in the morning and late at night. I work on weekends, holidays, days off, and during vacations. I work from home, out of my car, at the office, and at the courthouse. My cellphone plan has unlimited calls because all the other plans did have enough minutes and I always went over.

I travel to courthouses and jails all over Florida. I have practiced law courtroms from Pensacola to West Palm Beach, from Ft. Myers to Daytona Beach. I put 4000 miles on my new car the first month I had it.

I point all this out to say that my job requires dedication, which I have. It requires that I give my all for my clients. And I do. So, while I might not call you back within an hour, or file the motion we discussed the very next day, I will. I will. I will do what I say I will, and will protect my clients and help them when they need me.

I think I speak for most criminal defense attorneys. Understanding who I am and what I do, will help you in your time of need to feel secure in the fact that I am there and you are important to me.

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